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Daena's gameplay for Pokemon: Heart Gold (DS)

Daena played Pokemon: Heart Gold

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Daena said...
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I pwnt Factory Head Thorton after a streak of 21 in the Battle Factory!! It was an interesting challenge since you get presented with a choice of random Pokemon to "rent" as your team (you get to pick 3 out of a choice of 6), and every time you beat someone you have a choice to trade one of your creatures for one of theirs if you'd like to.

This is my Warstory:
Before the battle started I was warned that he has a Bastiodon with Iron Head (you normally get a warning about one of the foe's creatures). Here's the team I had rented out...

~~My terrible Battle Factory team~~
~Furret @Choice Band, Jolly
Frustration, Shadow Claw, Trick, Assist

~Swellow@Toxic Orb (Guts ability), Adamant
Facade, Aerial Ace, Growl, U-Turn

~Wartortle@Shell Bell
Surf, Ice Beam, Brick Break, Fake Out

~Foe sends out Bastiodon
~I send out Furret (automatic move, it's my team's lead)

~I switch in Wartortle, thinking he can take an Iron Head and hit back hard.
~Foe uses stone edge, I survive it.
~Second turn I use Fake-Out (1st turn only move, guarantees a flinch. My shell bell item heals me a little)
~foe Flinches
~I use Surf
~foe uses stone edge (miss)
~I use Surf (his focus band item saves him at 1HP, LUCK)
~foe uses stone edge
~I use Surf(focus band again... REALLY!? Still at 1HP!!! wtf lol LUCK HAX)
~foe uses Swagger, I become confused with sharply increased attack...
~I use Brick Break (it finally bites the dust)

~Foe sends out Tangrowth
~I snap out of confusion(WOOOT!) and use Ice Beam
~foe used Focus Blast (miss)
~I use Ice Beam (it faints)

~Foe sends out Gliscor
~I tried to use Ice beam but it was faster and finished poor Wartortle with Earthquake.

~I switched in Furret, predicting an Earthquake and knowing that I'm faster, I plan to use Trick to switch items with it and give it a Choice Band (which forces it to use only the move it used last, but at stronger power), in an attempt to protect Swellow (which is flying type, so Earthquake has no effect no matter HOW strong it is).
~foe uses Swords Dance LOL!!! Looks like I wont have to bring Swellow into this at all!
~Gliscor will Dance forever now, upping his attack but able to do nothing with it. I'm safe to take my time with it. I use Frustration until it faints.

And that is how I PWND Factory Head Thorton. *takes a bow*
I guess we both had a bit of luck, but it was definitely a fun battle.
Pokemon: Heart Gold

Pokemon: Heart Gold (DS)

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DANCE! Dance my pretty!!! Dance for all eternity muahahHAHAHAHAHA

(btw, "Focus Band: Gives a 10% chance of surviving a hit with at least 1 HP.")
Wow that sounds awesome!
Hah! Nice use of trick there! Awesome battle, sounds like it was a lot of fun :D
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