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Daena played Phantasy Star Ø

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Daena said...
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I've been enjoying Phantasy Star Zero for the DS a lot lately. It shares some elements with Monster Hunter that I find really appealing, like weapon crafting/collecting and vastly different combat styles depending which weapon class you're weilding. :3
You can't memorize the areas, because the maps are RNG'd to be different every time you play through the area. It makes for a lot of fun exploring and looting.

I have two main characters at this point that I love playing:

~ a level 40 HUnewearl - race: Newman, job: Hunter. She fights well with melee and some ranged weapons, and can spam healing spells and Photon Attacks (special attacks that some weapons have) due to having a regenerating bottomless pit of PP. She has a really high evasion stat even without investing skill points in it, and combined with her healing spells this makes her a pretty sturdy character. She has the nicest female character design in the game in my opinion.

My Hunter (she's the blue one with the blue fox-bot near her head): http://i1228.photobucket.com/albums/ee448/Direwolf_Nymeria/PSZ_waterfall_ruins.jpg

~ a level 20s FOnewearl - race: Newman, job: Technique(magic) spam. I just made this character this weekend and she's great fun! Her healing spell is crazy good even at such a low level. Her Tech attacks look really cool - why hack and slash when you can create a glowing staircase from nothing, hop up the steps above your enemies and then zap them from above with an Area of Effect attack? Or create a vortex of dark magic that sucks in the monsters nearby, poisoning and damaging them and leaving them in a nice neat group, ready for your AoE attacks?
...she looks like a pixie. I gave her the mag (robot companion) that looks like faery wings.

My Force (she's the golden 'pixie' ^_^): http://i1228.photobucket.com/albums/ee448/Direwolf_Nymeria/Pixie_Newmans_in_Dark_Shrine.jpg

Such fun, I recommend this game if you enjoy using lots of different weapon types each with their own attack animation and playstyle, and if you enjoy finding loot and fighting monsters. There's some minor character creation too, and if you change your mind later you can go to the "Dressing room" for a new haircolour, hat, voice, or outfit colour.
Phantasy Star Ø

Phantasy Star Ø (DS)

Genre/Style: Role-playing/Third-Person 3D Action RPG
Release Date: 10/NOV/09
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Ooo, that sounds like fun :o I might have to pick that up and give it a go! I've loved the PSO games in the past (as far back as Dreamcast) so this might be up my alley :3
@mnightwind Phantasy Star Zero has been out for years, too! I'm surprised it took me this long to discover it. Better late than never! If you get it let me know and we can do some online runs together ^_^

There isn't too much character customization compared to other PS games, but the gameplay itself is so fun and completely addictive.
@Dana there's a decent chance I'll pick this up today if I can find it, if so that sounds like fun!
Hmmmm.... stupid auto correcting tablet >___>
@mnightwind cool! I hope you can get it today, it's a few years old so it might be harder to find. My sis bought me mine online (for Christmas). :)

If you get it, my friend code is: 3955 1144 7304

I'll need yours as well when you know it. Or we can only randomly meet up over Free Play. ;)

(It has two online modes, play with friends or free play. Either one only needs you to have access to a Wireless Router that has WEP security (it can't work with WPA).

Ok! Picked it up :D Been puttering around with a force a bit but need to try out some of the other weapons and stuffs :3 My code is: 0605 0559 6252. Went ahead and made sure my router was setup correctly and it seems to allow me on to the WFC fine. Maybe I'll see ya on there later :D
@mnightwind so cool!! Which type of force did you pick? How are you liking it, did you fight Octo Diablo yet? :D

I only just noticed this message right now so I'll add your friend code. Looking forward to hearing what you think of the weapons, enemies and gameplay in general (I hope you enjoy it!). Just like Monster Hunter this game shines in Multiplayer the most... but single player is fun too. For the most part you'll notice that the AI characters aren't too bright during combat, but they make lovely meat-shields while you stand back and fire off long range attacks ;)

Maybe I can pass along an okay weapon or two to you tonight, or an armor, something that you're able to use at or near your current level. I think I kept some decent weapons for earlier in the game and armors with a bunch of slots. (You'll notice that weapons have level requirements in order for you to be able to equip them.)
@mnightwind a few more things:

~This site is the best when it comes to guides or game info about PSZ: http://www.pso-world.com/sections.php?op=viewarticle&artid=2602

If you end up signing up there, I'll make sure the PSZ Revival group sends an invite your way. They have "revivals" once a week where lots of people go online to do runs together. Unfortunately a lot of them tend to prefer playing on Super Hard mode which you can't access until you're at level 60, while Hard is accessable online at level 30... but there are a few like me who will play on Normal mode with you for sure!

Even if you don't join the PSO-forums group you might end up playing online with some of the people from the Revival group, since they're on my friends list and might join us when we play online. Nice people. :3
The more the merrier XD

Overall, the online community is a lot more accessible than with Monster Hunter, especially since there's no separation based on the player's region. When I make a group anyone on my friends list (up to 4 players) can join in, and if you make a group anyone on your friends list can. Whatever areas the player who makes the group has unlocked are the only areas available for that group to play... so you might enjoy more variety if you join my group at first. ;)

Also, if you meet some of my other friends while playing online, there's an option in the menu to add them to your friends list, so you could end up with the whole Revival group on your list eventually anyway.

That's how it works! (wall of words hahaha)
I think I probably so far have the same two newmans you've got X3 My highest level is one with a fluffy-looking hat :3 Also made the melee using newman and I have her beating things up with either the greatswords or the dual blades currently but she's not very high level yet :3

I was online earlier but then my battery started dying D: Left my charger at home, too! I'll be hooking it back up later tonight when I get home and see if I can do more online :3 I see that the monsters seem to have a lot more hitpoints in online mode too. Though that shouldn't be so surprising I guess since I believe on previous PS* games they did too o__O
Nice! :3 Well, I have some wands and armors you can have to help you out! Need to figure out a time that you'll be online. ;)

I'm heading out shortly to see some friends, but let me know a time that might work for you and we can arrange to meet online :D
@mnightwind I forgot to click the reply button on my previous post, not sure if I need to for it to notify you of my post XD
I'm usually messing around with it after work at the moment, like around 8pm eastern. Though I'm on now (got off early!) and I see you're sitting in the wifi mode currently :3
aha!! Yus, I just got home, hopped on, and saw your message! I need about 5 minutes and I'll head on :3
OH... you said that 5 hours ago, not 5 minutes ago, I didn't read that right. I had been online but then I left the DS closed and idling when I ran out ^_^'... Probably should have disconnected or turned it off I guess. Sorry about that!
Lol! It's all good :3 I got to puttering around with some other games anyway XD I'm gonna be on for a bit tonight if ya get a chance :3
I see you online! Join my group XD

You'd have to go back to "play with friends" and then "join group" and select my name. :D
I should warn you though, I have things to give you from several characters, because it depends where I stored it at the time. :3 so I wont be finished sharing after the one character.
I have some mind materials for you, to begin. Not sure how you're planning to do your FOnewearl's build, but most of us FOneys just use 80 mind materials. I have around 40 for you I think. :D
I had 80 mind materials so you can max out your FORCE right away! Sorry I'm still trying to collect HUnewearl materials so I don't have those yet.
That was a lot of fun last night! Sorry I got dragged away by other people and had to cut things short. Shouldn't be an issue tonight if you're up for more! :3
No problem, and I'm definitely up for more! I got tired last night and fell asleep so I didn't end up heading back on. :3

T'was so fun! I hope some of the weapons I gave you are useful. Also, Pizza Box +99 is the sort of armor that level 100 people wear if they haven't found the 4 (or so) better armors, which are pretty rare and I think need a bunch of Trigrinders to grind them up, which are also fairly rare drops. Smells so yummy too!
(+99 means it's had 99 Digrinders applied to it so it's fully upgraded)
fyi, here is the list of top of the line armors other than Pizza Box, which some of my PSZ friends told me about:

Rika's Suit: Female Newman Only. Grants the highest evade when Rika's Claw is equipped.

Noble Cloak: 10% elemental resistances, has the same evade as Rika's Suit before set bonus takes place.

Carabinier Armor: Best armor for Human Hunters. Also good for casts.

Mobius Plate: Best armor for Casts (except RAcast). Grants bonus with Big Mobius and Big Mobius of extra power and guard.

Kepler Suit: Male Ranger Only. Grants accuracy and evade bonus with certain ranger weapons.

(Other popular set bonus armors include the Star Cloak, the Shinobi Suit, and the Spirit Garbage. They get bonuses when you match them with a specific weapon. The above are generally better in most cases)
Pizza Box is the only comparable armor that you can actually equip at level 14... which is amazing.

Rika's Suit is level requirement 76

Noble cloak lv 66

Carabinier, lv 50

Mobius Plate, lv 64

Keplar, lv 72

Rare to find, hard to upgrade... need a high level...

also Pizza Box can be worn by any race/gender!
Ooo, cool info there! Though I'm happy to rock the pizza box for a while and thanks again for it and all the other goodies! :3 Looking forward to more fun times!
So I finished the game and most* normal quests... Long tower quest is loooooooong X3 Been on it for the past two days or so :x Gonna try to be online some this weekend, maybe I'll see ya there!
@mnightwind sorry that I haven't been around - my mom passed away. When I'm back into playing this it would be great to join you again.
Please don't feel the need to apologize for that, you have my sincerest condolences :( I'll be around when you're back to feeling up for PS0.
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