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Daena's gameplay for Pokemon: Heart Gold (DS)

Daena played Pokemon: Heart Gold

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Daena said...
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I beat Tower Tycoon Palmer (first round) with my new Battle Tower team of Metagross, Suicune and Gliscor. It's similar to a team I remember hearing about somewhere before, and I wanted to try it... the one I read about used a Garchomp instead of my Gliscor I think, but I felt like taking advantage of Gliscor's immunity to ground moves. If his lower speed becomes a problem maybe I'll make something to take his place.

Basically Metagross uses Trick to give the opponent his Choice Scarf, increasing their speed but locking them into whatever move they chose to use (they can't switch moves). Battle tower AI rarely switches their creature out, so depending on what move they used I switch one of my other guys in to set-up completely and then sweep. Here's what they look like:

Metagross holding Choice Scarf
Adamant nature
ev trained in speed and HP
~Protect (for stalling against things like 1HKO moves)
~Flash (lowers opponents accuracy)
~??? (another attack move goes here. Right now I have double edge here because I never bothered replacing it yet)

Suicune holding Leftovers (nomnomnom)
Bold nature
ev trained in defense and HP
~Calm mind (boosts special attack and special defence)
~Rest (sleep and heal)
~Sleep Talk (use random move while asleep)

Gliscor holding Focus Sash (saves him at 1HP)
Impish nature
trained in HP, defense, special defense, bit of speed
~Swords Dance (boosts attack sharply)
~Ice Fang

So. Trick opponent, switch to one of my sweepers who doesn't care about the move opponent is stuck in, 6 Calm Minds or 3 Swords Dances, and then destroy the foe's team. Nice clean strategy, assuming Metagross gets his trick off safely and AI doesn't get crazy lucky..

I'm thinking I should actually teach Metagross a worthwhile attack in his 4th move slot, especially since I gave him an attacker's nature haha. Probably Ice Punch... maybe Zen Headbutt.. still not decided.
Pokemon: Heart Gold

Pokemon: Heart Gold (DS)

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Sounds like ya got a good thing going there with that group :3 The trick/choice lock is a nasty but effective combo :D
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