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Daena's gameplay for Pokemon: Heart Gold (DS)

Daena played Pokemon: Heart Gold

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Daena said...
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I'm making yet another team for the Battle Tower. *_*

I was browsing through randomness yesterday and came across this outstanding team:


As much fun as I'm having with my own Trick-based team in that tower, his team intrigues me even more... not to mention he has set the score to end all scores. Even though on that page it shows his record at 1001 wins, one of his videos with this team shows his record at 2364 wins. OMFG outstanding.. here I am struggling to beat 100 >_<

I feel an incredible need to breed/catch myself this team, so that I can experience the awesomeness myself. I love that he found a way to make Drapion completely badass.
(I'm glad I haven't caught my Mesprit yet in Diamond version, so I can concentrate on getting a Bold one.)

I'm so curious to see if I can achieve sky high results like Jumpman16 did using this strategy. It could be that I'll still never break 100 because I lack the basic skill or knowledge needed to, but I wont know until I try it! Should be fun. :3

Jumpman16, I'm truly in awe.
Pokemon: Heart Gold

Pokemon: Heart Gold (DS)

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Thank goodness for random browsing as I now finally get my head round the natures and their effects. I found this page (and the site in general) to be rather helpful ...

Anyway look forward to seeing what your next battle tower team will be!
@zann-consortium haha I know eh! I would never have figured out natures and such without the internet ;)

I also learned this stuff from browsing, which helps with the Nature thing a lot.

Once you know what nature will be the best one for your beast, there are some nice ways to get it to be the right nature, did you know this?

One of the ways is to have a Pokemon with Synchronize ability and the nature you want in your first slot of your team when you encounter the thing you want to catch. I do this when I want to catch a Legendary of a specific nature. I just breed a bunch of Ralts or Abras and keep a level 1 of each nature and the Synchronize ability away in storage, and I re-use them.

Another way to make something the nature you want is to have a Ditto of the same nature, make that Ditto hold an Everstone, and breed it with the creature you want to hatch. The resulting egg has a 50% chance of being the nature of the Ditto. Some people say this doesn't work for them but it almost always works for me and I'm never lucky so I'd say this works. Also, if you have a female of the thing you want with the right nature, you can give it an Everstone to hold while breeding and the baby still has the 50% chance to have that nature passed on to it. The baby will always be the same species as the mother. This obviously only works with things that can breed (not Legendaries), but it's an okay way to get your collection of Synchronize Abras for those legendaries.

For example, I want a Bold Mesprit. I'm not sure if I have a Bold Abra. So I'll Breed my Bold Ditto holding an Everstone with an Abra, and maybe I'll hatch a Bold Abra. I'll put the Bold Abra in the first slot of my party when I go to encounter the Mesprit. 50% chance of that Mesprit being Bold.

___________end wall of words.________________

anyway I'm glad if you enjoy my ramblings about strategy and Tower Teams :D
Yeh thanks for the ramblings as they (to me) always seem useful. Now I'll try to catch a bunch of Abra/Ralts with each of the different natures. Great tip!
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