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Daena's gameplay for Pokemon: Heart Gold (DS)

Daena played Pokemon: Heart Gold

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Daena said...
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I've been hanging out over at Bulbagarden lately because I find there are a lot more people there who share my interest in Pokemon, and I generally get to have more conversations about it. It's a great site, I've been in time for a few nice shiny giveaways, like RyeKew's EV trained shiny Tentacruel :

TENTACRUEL (came holding a Black Sludge)
Calm, IVs: 27/31/29/31/31/30
EVs: 254 HP/120 Def/136 Sp. Def
Egg move: Rapid Spin
*credit to RyeKew, this thing is awesome! ♥

Some nice 'mon like that. I recommend this site to anyone who enjoys these games especially if you have a wifi connection.

I have a QUESTION: Who was it that wanted a Pichu with Volt Tackle? I remember saying I will give one of mine to someone from gamerDNA, but I don't recall who it was and I can't seem to find the post.

If you respond to this post I'll be sure to get you the promised Pichu! :)

Pokemon: Heart Gold

Pokemon: Heart Gold (DS)

Release Date:
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Hmmm--yeah... I do not remember who asked for one...

I am also into breeding specialty Mons as well.

Especially now that I can and will Mass Breed Munchlaxes, Spiritombs--and can generally do anything as far as Egg Moves go.

Well, some Egg Moves are still next to impossible for me.

However, considering how I pulled of KR Lurve (that is, a Mudkip with Counter/Magic Coat), I have generally realised how decent I am at the stuff.

My current goal is to breed 1000 Vulpixes.

As well--mostly got to set some kind of weird goal like that, I guess.

Even better, each of them have the moveset of:
* Heat Wave
* Flame Thrower
* Energy Ball (this was a fun one to figure out how to breed into Vulpix... as Vulpix cannot learn it via TM)
* Sunny Day

Working on getting to the point that I can start ever stoning them.
@KatrinaTheLamia Oh nice, I have a Vulpix with Energy Ball! I raised a Lotad to level 43 and then bred it to... something else I forget,,, and then to a Vulpix.
Maybe Shiftry was the bridge between the two... I forget. ^_^

I like the idea of a Vulpix with:
Nasty Plot >:-}
Energy Ball
Flame Thrower

OR something Gimmicky but fun like this:

Overheat (140pwr, 90acc, 5PP, sharply reduces your SpAtk)
Energy Ball
Nasty Plot/Role Play (NP sharply increases SpAtk, RP copies opponent's ability)
Power Swap (switches increases/decreases to its Attack and SpAtk stats with the foe)

Nasty Plot when possible to fire off super powered Energy Balls and Overheats. When your SpA is -2 after a few Overheats you can use Power Swap to cripple your foe and reset the modifier. Ninetales is frail but tricky, so it has a possibility to work. Especially if you could Power Swap against something that's gotten one too many Calm Minds/Nasty Plots, that could be fun.
If you don't want to use Nasty Plot, you could fit Role Play instead, which could be situationally useful. I'll give 2 examples off the top of my head:

A Flygon switches in to Earthquake you. You Role Play, gaining Flygon's ability to Levitate. Whether or not you can now KO that Flygon depends on whether it invested in speed and whether or not it's locked into a Choice move (Choice Scarf or Choice Band), in which case it will likely switch out, letting you get a hit against the opponent or something.

A Vaporeon switches in to Surf you away. You Role Play, gaining their Water Absorb ability, and now that Surf heals you instead of harming (you've gained an immunity!). Energy Ball it.

I'm sure there are lots of fun ways to use Role Play. :D
It could potentially keep Ninetails around a lot longer than normal since it isn't very bulky, and Power Swap lets it fire off full power Overheats while potentially crippling a special attacker enemy with your stat drops.

What do you think? >:D
Role Play basically works like Gardevoir's Trace ability, except that you choose when to use it and when not to. If Blissy switches in and Thunder Wave/Toxics you, copy her Natural Cure so that when you switch out you heal the status.

Some other interesting ones: Cute Charm, Battle Armor, Filter, Motor Drive, Volt/Water absorb, Intimidate, Guts, Magnet Pull (lol - trap that Magnezone and Overheat? ^.^), Sand Veil, Speed Boost

Think of the possibilities for lolz! Consider these:

Simple - Doubles the effect of status boosts and drops.
^if you Role Played this ability...
...Overheat would lower your attack by -4! Power Swap that over to your opponent so you're at full power and they have a -4 Special Attack XD (if they're a special sweeper they might as well switch out, leaving you to Nasty Plot for free that turn.)

or this:

Tinted Lens - Doubles damage on resisted hits.
^You no longer care about type-coverage.

or this:

Overgrow - Raises the power of Grass-type moves 50% when at 1/3 HP or less.
^now your energy ball will be stronger when your HP are lower.

I mean, only having Flash Fire as your normal ability, once you've switched in nothing is likely to throw a fire move your way to activate this. Might as well borrow something else's ability. Those crafty foxes are always pretending to be something that they're not. :)
I REALLY Like that Role Play idea. going to modify the breeding for it now

*giggles madly*
@KatrinaTheLamia hehehe cool! Glad you like.

What will all four moves be, then?
well... lets see...

* Energy Ball
* Role Play
* Overheat
* Power Swap

I am thinking at this point.

Betweeb Role Play to steal decent abilities, Energy Ball as a form of unexpected grass type move on Ninetales--and the Overheat/Power Swap combo, this looks like it is worthing of Inari's blessings on my 1000 Vulpix breeding attempts.
@KatrinaTheLamia nice, that's the one I'm working on too! It has the most fun combo of unexpected tricks up the fox's sleeve. I've named mine Kyuubi. :->
It should definitely take the opponent by surprise.
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