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Daena's gameplay for Pokemon: Heart Gold (DS)

Daena played Pokemon: Heart Gold

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Daena said...
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I had a quick peek at the list of Elite Four for the second fight (the one you have after getting all of the Kanto badges) and I noticed that they get much more badass. Plus their beasts are leveled to the 60s-70s. After glimpsing at that, I'm thinking of leveling up my team on the old Elite Four a few times before getting my last few Kanto badges.

Kanto is funny this time around, because I've bumped into trainers in the forest who carry level 60 Metapods!!! No joke. They still only know 'Harden'. Totally harmless, but worth a ton of experience. X3

My creatures are 50s to late 50s, so it shouldn't be too long before I'm ready to do the second round of Elite Four. I also caught the Snorlax yesterday (which had been blocking the cave entrance), it's Careful natured and Likes to Thrash About.
Pokemon: Heart Gold

Pokemon: Heart Gold (DS)

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Level 60 Metapods ... random but quite useful for leveling up your other pokemon as well!
Indeed! :3
It seems like because New Bark Town is one of the last places you journey to in Kanto this time around instead of the first, the Metapods and Cacunas that the Trainers in that area have which would normally be around level 5 have been changed to level 60, to be more of a challenge. It makes the encounters pretty funny. :]
Ya have to wonder though.. how much effort would one have to do to get a Metapod to level 60? X3 A lot of the xp share I guess :3
@mnightwind too much effort for me. Metapods aren't worth it ;)

Butterfree are nice to have, on the other hand... to abuse Compoundeyes while item-theft-hunting.
(example: looking for Light Ball on Pikachu =5% chance. With a Butterfree(compound-eyes) in first party slot (fainted, usually), that chance goes up. Banette in my second slot gets sent out and Frisks the Wild Pikachu to see if it's holding a Light Ball. If it is, Banette uses Thief. If it's holding some dumb berry I run.)
I was just thinkin' that those trainers probably had a pretty dull time of it all X3 But that stealing thing, that sounds pretty cool :3
@mnightwind Yeh that item hunting thing does sound very cool. Now all I need is to get me a Butterfree and a Banette!
yus it would be mega-boring to raise a Metapod to level 60 XD That's just madness

It's the best way to steal from wild pokes!! @zann-consortium, to get a Banette try routes 225 and 226 at Night if you have Diamond/Pearl/Platinum. You can catch one that's level 50. Make sure your lead pokemon is holding some item, so that you'll know if the Banette has Frisk (when you send your pokemon out, it will say something like "the wild Banette frisked your pokemon and found the..." if it has the Frisk ability. If it has Insomnia instead, it wont say that). Butterfree is easier to get, since it evolves at level 10. It only has Compoundeyes, no other ability to worry about.
@Daena I dunno--since Thief does have 16PP possible, and Berries can, oddly enough, be somewhat useful I have kind of stopped caring what my Compound Thief steals.

So I normally just have a Compound Eyes Butterfree that knows Thief, which then simply runs around doing that kleptomania sort of thing. Not caring what is stolen... just stealing for the sake of stealing.
Also: remembering that Metapod is very phallic looking.

So essentially trainers who level up Metapods are representing their urge for a high levelled penis that thy can shout "harden" at repeatedly to make their Metapod way stronger and harder and longer lasting than their opponents.

Though, sometimes, a Metapod is simply a Metapod.

Also: doesn't Weedle learn Bug Bite at level 15? It would be a little bit of a mind screw if you were fighting a 60lvl Kakuna that bit you (and considering bug bite not only does damage, but it steals your berry and uses it, if you have one)
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