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Daena's gameplay for Pokemon: Heart Gold (DS)

Daena played Pokemon: Heart Gold

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Daena said...
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I'm trying to decide what name to give my Suicune. I could use a second opinion. Could you guys vote on which one of these 3 names you like the best for it plz? :)

First, here is what Suicune looks like, for those who haven't seen it:
back view: http://i130.photobucket.com/albums/p274/Manga2day/suicune3.jpg
front view: http://nd02.blog.cz/190/281/4fa6ee9794_53159144_o2.gif
close up haha: http://forums.g4tv.com/picture.php?albumid=275&pictureid=1628
weird run cycle: http://i522.photobucket.com/albums/w349/eevee98/Suicune.gif

The names:

1.) Antennae. This one is because it has an Antenna-type thing on its forehead, and insect/crustacean-looking antennae growing out of its rear. Also, I would be naming it after the Antennae galaxy, which is more befitting of a Legendary creature like Suicune.

2.) Unibrow. It has an epic eyebrow/forehead/horn thing. It isn't horse-like enough to name it Unicorn ;)

3.) Demon Eyes. I like the sound of it (sounds like demonize), and Suicune has strange angry red eyes that don't match the rest of the colour scheme. Other than that this nickname doesn't suit it specifically and I guess I could name some other creature this if I wanted to...

What do you guys think? All opinions are appreciated ^.^ I had a bit of fun thinking up random nicknames for it.

Meanwhile, my team of Pickup ability Pokemon all caught the Pokerus while I've been training up my Suicune. I'm surrounded by sick creatures who find me stuff in the dirt! aaaahh lol..

Pickup team is as follows:
Linoone named "itemz", Linoone named "The Streak", Phanpy named "Babar".
They've been finding me all kinds of stuff. Great Balls, Full Heals, Escape Ropes.. and one even found a Gold Nugget! I don't think I'll ever EV train without them in tow from now on. I plan to level them up to several different "item-level groupings" eventually. It seems that they can find you different treasures based on what levels they fall between. Might add a Meowth, Ambipom, or Munchlax to the Pickup team. These things also double as HM slaves. :D
Pokemon: Heart Gold

Pokemon: Heart Gold (DS)

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come to think of it... I might save "Demon Eyes" for my Sword Dancing Lucario that I plan to make... since demonize is the devilish dance for dual swords in Monster Hunter :) hehe
So I guess it will be 'Antennae' or 'Unibrow' for Suicune... but which one? ^_^
*crickets sound-off*

hmm... maybe I should keep my posts shorter in the future, if I hope to get any feedback.
Ach, seems I should hop on here more often X3 I'd vote for Unibrow m'self, that sounds funderful :3

The pickup team sounds great! :D I've considered doing the same as it can be one of the few ways to get extra copies of some of the rarer stones et al. :3
I vote for Unibrow! If it were mine though, I'd spell it Unibraugh and pronounce it like someone from Germany...but I'm weird like that. I named my Chikorita "Taco" :)
I think I misspelled my take on a German-type name --;
@mnightwind thanks!! You're awesome! You comment on lots of my posts and it's much appreciated! :D

Pickup is great, and especially for things like Shiny Stones or TMs. That's what I hope to find eventually, but any free items are always a welcome surprise :3
@Reiaze Taco is a cute name for a Chikorita! I'm a fan of misspelling stuff on purpose to make it your own haha... my PS3 name is fyrespload which is a bizarre splice of Fire and Explode spelled horribly wrong. In hindsight I might have spelled it fyresplode, because the "load" part on the end confuses some people even more... lol

Thanks for the input guys I'll go with Unibrow, and maybe even give it a special bastardized spelling! ^_^ Y'guys made my day.
@Daena Glad to be of service! Great spliced name by the way :D
It's really too bad that the big money items (Rare Candies and TMs) are only found once your Picker Uppers are past level 50 or so. Honestly, I feel nuggets are kinda useless to find because it's possible to get such a huge amount of money from fighting the Elite Four and rematching Gym Leaders (which you can do infinitely many times in a given day).
Well, Rare Candies, TMs, various evolution stones and some drugs. As yes, sometimes these diseased things that run around stuff up from the ground find drugs, such as Carbos, Calcium. HP UP, Protein, Zinc and Iron (depends on the game really).

Now, for your mental image pleasure:
* Protein: a used prophylactic
* Calcium: some teeth
* Iron: a tetanus infected nail
* Carbos: whatever the hell piece of garbage it was chewing on in its moouth
* HP Up: a bottle of pills that you do not even want to think about the ramifications involved in questioning it.
LOL!!! you took my infected little pickup team to the next level there XD

I agree about the Nugget, I was just amused to get one so early. I'm after the TMs and rare candies mostly, and I'll send the pickuppers over to Diamond to find me some shiny stones and alternate TMs later on.
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