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Monster Hunter PORTABLE Tri?? O_O

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Daena said...
  • interested

Upper right hand corner, check it out! And can anyone read what it says there?
Monster Hunter Freedom 2

Monster Hunter Freedom 2 (PSP)

Genre/Style: Role-playing/Third-Person 3D Action RPG
Release Date: 28/AUG/07
Monster Hunter Freedom Unite

Monster Hunter Freedom Unite (PSP)

Genre/Style: Role-playing/Third-Person 3D Action RPG
Release Date: 23/JUN/09
Emblem for The Guild Hall

This image is affiliated with the group...

The Guild Hall

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Whaaaaaa? ... Hmm.. I look forward to hearing more about this.. However I suspect a igh degree of error on this one.. I will remain cautiously optimistic until something is actually announced.. In English...
I'm thinking it's actually just MHP3g (the next installment after MHFU, not the same game as MH Tri for the Wii)... but I don't know for certain.
The word Portable is very clear, so I'm interested! :D
Yeah, I've heard this on /v/. It's just a rumor in a magazine, from what people translated there. Some people are pretty optimistic, since this particular magazine has a better than average success with its rumors. I on the other hand am pretty certain this is either a baseless rumor or, as Daena said, someone hearing about Portable 3 and getting mistaken (which has hapened a lot of times already), which is basically Unite with Frontier stuff.

Not because I doubt Capcom will eventually want to do a portable expansion of Tri (they will. Period. This is not a guess. This is a certainty), but because as is, right now the PSP would suffer to move the Tri engine a lot. Either they'd have to scale it down *considerably*, especially the animations, or Capcom would have to show an ability with engine optimization far, far beyond anything they have done up to this point.

Now, the day Sony announces a PSP2, is the day I start doing a countdown for Tri Portable, though. Wouldn't be particularly surprised to see it as hypothetical launch title, even :P.
Yeah, I've heard this too, and honestly people are super sure this is going to happen. I don't doubt it will...but I do doubt we'll see it soon. Probably until 2012...
Personaly I don't want to wait 2 more years for another awsome install ment of my favorite portable series.... and I wouldn't think that Capcom would wait that longer to realease another game to the puplic. But I may be mistaken since, if it truley is a tri port, would be an entirely new game. Not just Unite with even more stuff. Like I said, I'm just a fan, giving his two cents.
Here's a link to an interesting blog post. I did some searching around and apparently there is another Monster Hunter game coming out for the PSP, just no word on a release date.

@Leorhall: Yeah, we know there's another MH coming out for the PSP. As me and Daena said, the fact that Portable 3 *is* coming out (a game which is basically going to be MHFU with Frontier monsters added in) is probably what's confusing people.

So, to clarify: Portable 3 exists. Its existence is confirmed, not a rumor. But nothing that we've seen links it to Tri - the few screens we have show the same areas as always, but there is a hunter in Espinas armor in one of them, which seems to imply that at least some of the Frontier monsters will be added. That's all, really.
@Drascin Thanks for clarifying! Okay, so let's see if I've got this right... there are different versions of Monster Hunter, with different areas and monsters, for different consoles? The Tri is for the Wii, the Freedom is for the PSP, and the Frontier is for the XBox 360, or something like that, yeah?

One thing I would like to see in a future version of Monster Hunter PSP is a wider variety of maps, and the ability to have the camera lock-on to your avatar. Fingers-crossed!
All correct, except currenly Frontier is PC only, with a 360 version confirmed for JAPAN. I wouldn't hold my breath if I were you for that 360 version to come to English speaking countries though. They won't bring the PC version here.

CAPCOM has already publicly stated that there is MORE Monster Hunter coming to the PSP
kinda hope they would man up a bit and do a freaking ps3 version as they were supposed to do with tri.. how comes CAPCOM cancels the ps3 title to make it to the WII and pretend that it would be too expensive to make it on PS3 when they CLEARLY know that it will sell WAY MORE on PS3 than WII!

Sometimes CAPCOM fails... This also apply for the long forgotten resident evil franchise.
There is actually a pic with Espinas in it, to add to what Drascin said about a hunter in Espinas armor;) I've added the scan with Espinas to this Guild Hall Thread: http://www.gamerdna.com/GuildThread.php?r=1&t=236387#post1

Check it out :D

@Drascin "Now, the day Sony announces a PSP2, is the day I start doing a countdown for Tri Portable, though."

There is actually an article about PSP2 ... I haven't given it a thorough read yet, and I'm not sure how accurate it is or if it's only speculation, but here it is:


They seem to sound sure of themselves. hmm...

@Linked713 as for it selling better on PS3 than on the Wii, keep in mind that it sells MUCH better in Japan than in the West. That said, this will help the Wii's sales a ton, and their fanbase in Japan will certainly make them the money that they need. Even if people in the west aren't willing to Purchase a Wii to play MHTri (though I know people who are doing just that, buying a wii for it), Japan likely will. If it was significantly cheaper to develop it for the Wii, then maybe the PS3 company needs to work on their negotiating skills more next time, because they're going to lose out on profit more than Capcom is for this.

If you need to be angry at someone for Capcom switching consoles, maybe consider that the PS3 had bargaining power as well as Capcom. Capcom isn't failing, they've made record sales off of the MH franchise. ;)
I disagree. Japan gamers do have a LOT of PS3s and I can't believe that they can sell more Tri on WII at all. That said, CAPCOM already failed with RE franchise making it a generic shooter game, thought they would know better. I was a fan of them, now I can't even barely look at them without a giggle.
Well, we'll see in time. I have a feeling they will do very well with MH Tri sales, at least in Japan. If for some reason they do take a loss, compared to developing it for the PS3... it probably wont hurt them any since the MH franchise in general is more successful than they probably ever hoped for. Couldn't hurt.

For the record, I know a good number of people from Ad-hoc party alone who are planning to buy a Wii when MH Tri comes out, specifically for it... and some who already have bought the Wii and are waiting. I also have a friend IRL *winks at mah friend ^_~* who has bought a secondhand Wii and is waiting for Tri. This is all in the West. I bet - knowing how rabid the MH fans are in the East - that many more of them will be doing this, just for Tri.

We shall see;)
I hope that the new MH portable adds the Hunting Horn from the video on this page: http://monsterhunter.wikia.com/wiki/White_Espinas

I love the sound that it makes! And her armor has a tail lol :D
@Daena I know MH is popular, but wii sales gives nothing to CAPCOM. Also, for the same number of fans are are used to play on PSP and via ad-hoc party. 69.99 CAD > 49.99 CAD (PS3 game value > WII game value). That's 20 dollars PER GAME for the same fanbase.

Note, Monster hunter have been mostly known and successful along with sony's consoles. Point is, CAPCOM failed again in my honest opinion. =(
Mh isn't successful because of PS consoles, not all games that are for the PS consoles are successful. Monster Hunter is successful, period. I love the PS3 a ton don't get me wrong, but if their developement costs were so high that it made Capcom decide to switch consoles then they must have had their reasons for doing so. I doubt that it was a decision taken lightly.

That's a big price difference. However, there is another potential money maker for Capcom in the Wii. In Japan, MH Tri owners who want to play online on the Wii have to pay a monthly fee to do so. = more money for Capcom. We probably wont have to pay monthly here in the West, because Capcom wants to try to encourage their fanbase to grow here. Source: http://www.1up.com/do/newsStory?cId=3176604

(There are other sites which say this too. This is just one source.)
@Linked713 FYI, the Wii is the best selling console as of December 17th in Japan:

Japan sales figures
Based on figures from Famitsu/Enterbrain, as of 17 December 2009:

Wii – 9,048,012
PlayStation 3 – 4,020,563
Xbox 360 – 900,000 (as of 20/02/2009)

So, I'm not surprised in the face of those numbers and the development time and costs difference between Wii and PS3, that Capcom went with the Wii for Tri.

Although, I fully expect the PS3 to do better in both Japan and US/UK. The PS3 has started selling better with price drops, and console exclusives. As well as a slightly better economy.

Any ways, I'm also looking forward to the silly Felyne Diaries game for the PSP. IF it comes out to the western world... Supposedly there's some tie-in between it, and the "next MH Portable". Dunno too much about it as of yet, though. They just demoed it in Tokyo this last week. Here's some info on that:

I'm looking forward to Felyne Diaries too XD It's just too cute to pass up... from what I've read it sounds like you can use your felyne from Felyne Diaries in your MH Portable 3 game, as your companion. Not 100% sure though. There's the rumor anyway.

If the rumor is true, I'm wondering if there are any specific benefits or exclusive skills for your felyne companion, if you transfer it from Felyne Diaries;)
@Daena I hate to say it, but the cutness...it burns! ^.^ I can't not get the game.
@Linked713 By the way, don't get me wrong. I wanted Capcom to release MHTri on the PS3 as well. I think it would have been gloriously beautiful. But, I'm happy enough with it coming out for the Wii...heck, I'm happy enough with it coming out in the US at all. Not to mention, if it does well on the Wii, hopefully that will justify them making MHTri Multi-platform, or the next in the series on PS3.
cutness = cuteness...
@MonkeyConQueso I don't want to buy a wii, at all. So skipping this MH. Also, console sales does not necessarily affect sales of X game. Capcom won't ever make a multi-platform MH... Why would they even think about it if they can't even make this game happen on PS3 as said above?

I don't see myself playing MH with a wiimote. Maybe GC controller but surely not wiimote.

Just hope Phantasy Star Portable 2 comes out in US soon.. so I can have moar hack and slash games to play =(
@Linked713 I don't blame you at all for not buying a Wii. I honestly don't ever turn mine on unless I have friends over, and we want to do drunken Wii games. I see that drastically changing with MHTri though.

Any ways, I say a big, fat NO to playing MHTri with the Wiimote. Capcom is selling a Classic Controller Pro bundle of MHTri, which is going to be the only way to play. If haven't seen the classic controller pro, it's here:


And I too hope that PSPo2 comes out soon. I want more Phantasy Star stuff!
@MonkeyConQueso fu.....k.... that controller looks badass.

I am playing PSPo1 like mad right now as well as ragnarok (fave mmo of all time)

Don't want to buy another wii cause 1- sold mine, and buying another one would be like... paying twice a console that may or may not take dusts.... I tend to rely on one console at a time. and 2- I'd firmware/hack that baby up T_T
Well, you already know my opinion. I'm perfectly happy with Tri in Wii, and am almost sure that it's actually turned better than it would have been in PS3 under the same circumstances - because if they were so cash-strapped, far too much of the budget would have had to go making the HD graphics.

And yeah, playing Tri with Wiimote is a suicide. Well, you CAN do it, but it's not for nothing that a Classic (which is basically a Dualshock but with a actual *decent* joysticks. I always found the Dualshock's sticks to be a prodigy of uncomfortableness) comes bundled with the game ;).
That's the bundle that I'll be getting :D Classic Controller Pro ftw!
@Linked713: Ah, yeah. Well, if it's the second one, I don't think anyone would fault you for softmodding it, really. In Wii it's almost a necessity - many of the games that look good, aren't, and a lot of the games that look like snoozefests are actually really good (case in point: Zack&Wiki. Looks like your standard bad cartoon game from the box. It's one of the best things made this gen). So unless you have a place to rent games, softmodding to try things is practically necessary.

And sorry for the doublepost, Linked ninja'd me.
@Drascin Lawl! Well... one reason of buying a wii for me would be playing GC titles, but I have my GC too >.>
@Linked713 Hehe, same here. I have my GC right next to my Wii. Although my GC games look better on the Wii since I've got component cables for it.

Actually, I'm tempted to softmod my wife's Wii (or mine if she objects) to play Japanese games (legitimately purchased!). Not to mention some of the homebrew games that I've seen around. User made games can be very entertaining sometimes.
I wonder if I have to burn GC games on mini discs in order to make the wii detects it as GC games xD
No, no. You can burn GC games in normal DVDs, you just need a program to read GC games in the softmodded Wii. I was forced to sell many of my GC games years ago and thanks to softmodding I have them back (Rogue Leader, how I've missed you... *weeps*).
Hey look - Monster Hunter Portable 3rd.


(Posts 554 and 556 so far for vague info)

A tidbit from that post - supposed weapons: boardsword, longsword, hammer, one handed sword (assuming SnS?), dual swords, gun lance, flute (Hunting Horn?), lance, bow, slash axe, light bow, and heavy bow.
Yep, and they also got in there a few of the Tri monsters - none of the HUGE ones, due to engine limitations and stuff, but there's Kurupecco, Barroth, Giginebra, and stuff.


Let's see how Capcom manages this. I just hope they keep the fixed hitboxes from Tri - after Tri, I'm not buying another game with Mysterious Air Strikes ever again :P.
i would buy a MH3 on PSP, Freedo was too much of a learning curve and capcom said that they made tri more user friendly with a lesser learning curve. Hope that will be the same on PSP
*SQUEE!!* thanks for posting this guys!!!!! I'm so excited now... and that BEAR THING O.O wowww...

@Linked713 ... I thought you said it was easy? ;)
Yeah, this is awesome news. I do have to wonder, though, from a pure business standpoint, who was the supreme idiot at Capcom that decided to make this announcement three weeks before Tri comes out, really. What, do they WANT to lose sales? Many people that hate the Wii on principle were already trying to find any excuse to say Tri sucked and not buy it. A PSP game that brings about half the content in Tri plus MHUnite is exactly what they needed!

I'll never understand Capcom's higher ups, I swear. It's like they have a monkey with a dartboard making the decisions.

In any case, this looks pretty good. Apparently, they have also revamped the Felyne system, expanding on Chacha's improvements and allowing different quipments and stuff.
@Daena Indeed it does become easy when you become able to mindlessly kill some bosses in groups. I was thinking about newcomers that I tried to teach them how to play but they didn't hook up cause of that curve.

And I do want a more user friendly interface with freaking real item names.... 8bits era is over capcom. we can have more than 8 letters in a damn item name xD
"monkey with a dartboard" this is epic win. X3

I'm excited about dressing up my felyne in new outfits. I thought I saw a Chacha in there too (at 1:42)? I wonder if this means we can choose to take either Chacha or the Felyne?

Bear thing is awesome. I want to see a better clip of the monster from the end of the video too. Does anyone recognize it, or is it new? Is it from frontier?

What!? This year in the WEST?

I echo Drascin's comments, WTF.

Not that I'm unhappy. Hello no, I'm ecstatic! But we waited so long for Tri on the Wii, and they are just popping MHP3 out 8 months after Tri's release in the US? Maybe this is a sign that Capcom has finally realized that there's a damn good market for Monster Hunter here in the US?

Also, Felyne throwing boomerangs = WIN.

And that last monster (wolf/tiger thing) looked pretty cool looking!
One thing to add that almost slipped by me... Built in Infrastructure mode is reported. Not just AdHoc. Does that mean no more AdHoc on PS3 for playing with others? Hmmmmm??? :D

Also: http://www.capcom.co.jp/monsterhunter/P3rd/index.html
in the WEST? are you sure? I'm reading "Look for Monster Hunter Freedom 3 in the Japan in late 2010."... where does it say in the west? >_< maybe I'm just tired, missing something? That would be fantastic.

ooo official site!


Under "Update:" at the bottom of the article. Although I don't know how legit that actually is. They'd have to be working on the Japanese and English versions at the same time...

"Update: Capcom sent out a press release confirming the news and an international name, Monster Hunter Freedom 3. This version introduces new regions, monsters, and a revised Felyne combat system. Look for Monster Hunter Freedom 3 in the Japan in late 2010."

is "the Japan" a store in the west? or do you mean because it says international game? I had assumed there would be a certain amt of time between the Japan release and the release in the west, like there was with Unite. (sorry, I'm honestly confused is all)
AH HAH! Those bastards changed their article. Where it says "in THE Japan" it used to say "in THE West" Notice the wording. I just refreshed the article, and it updated to "Japan" as well. :P

So, yeah, looks like it'll be "in the West" later. Oh well! Glad we'll have some time with MHTri alone, for a while. Won't have to decide between the two!
Ooooh, and this is something I did hear. Also, the Japanese release is rumored to be in August:


At the bottom of the article:

"EDITOR'S NOTE: Reports are circulating describing a "worldwide release in late 2010" of of Monster Hunter Freedom 3 beyond just the Japanese release. This has not yet been confirmed with Capcom. Please check back for official info."

Other sites are saying that Capcom did mention a "World wide release" soon after the release of a Japanese MHP3rd.
haha ok I'm somewhat relieved that it wasn't just me having a major brainfart... I must have read and re-read that part of the article 10 times before my last reply, trying to sort out what it was that I was missing;)

I did think the wording was a little odd ^.^
All in all, I wish they didn't announce MHP3 until after MHTri released in the US. There's going to be lost sales from people on the fence to buy MHTri or not, now waiting for MHP3 instead. That'll just hurt chances of MH games releasing fast (or at all) in the future. But then again - I foresee more MHP3 games selling than MHFU... So, who knows.
I agree... on the facebook group, someone said this: "...i was even thinking of getting a wii just for this..but at last!!! thx capcom for nt forgetting us the psp users heheheheh.."

>_< I totally see your point, Monkey.
@MonkeyConQueso that site with the Editor's Note has an update:

"Capcom officials have contacted IGN to confirm that plans for a North American or European release are not ready to be announced at this time. "
Yep, saw that yesterday. Still, there's rumors abound that they will release translated copies soon after the Japanese one. I kinda hope that means the beginning of next year so MHTri sales prosper.
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